Commercial Pest Control

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Fast and Reliable Commercial Pest Control in Lancaster

Are you infested or being bothered by a nuisance pest at your business premises? No matter what industry you are in pests and vermin cannot be tolerated, not only are they off putting to customers but for many businesses they can also make premises unhygienic or unsafe for customers and employees alike.

If you are suffering with problems caused by pests at your premises don’t leave it until the last minute to take control of the situation. Our professional and experienced team are ready 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to provide solutions to your pest control problems and offer advice on preventative maintenance to keep your premises free of infestations.

With years of experience providing solutions for a number of different businesses in the local area we know how to deal with problems caused by pests quickly and efficiently. As we work around the clock we can also discretely visit your premises outside of trading hours to avoid potentially putting off customers and visitors to your business.

Complete Pest Control Solutions for a Range of Industries

We have provided pest control solutions for commercial clients in a wide range of industries throughout Lancashire and Cumbria. Depending on the layout and facilities of your premises we will provide a tailored plan to provide you the most effective pest control solution. We often provide services for clients in the following industries throughout Lancashire and Cumbria.

Retail Outlets and shops where high levels of cleanliness are required to ensure customers enjoy spending time in your premises and are encouraged to return and make recommendations to friends and family.

Caterers and Food Outlets are regularly inspected to ensure high standards of hygiene are adhered to ensure there is no risk of illness arising from contamination of food being prepared or served.

Hotels and Restaurants have many areas which can be prone to infestations of pests such as food preparation areas, storage areas and hotel beds which can be carriers for bedbugs.

We also offer contract work for customers that own multiple properties or for commercial customers who require our services on a regular basis.
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