Domestic Pest Control

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Depending on where you live and the kind of property you own there are a number of pests that can make your home less desirable to live in.
If you are suffering with an infestation of pests in Lancaster, Morecambe, Carnforth and surrounding areas we are available to help return your house back to an enjoyable home to relax in.

Common Pests we Deal with

Our experienced team can deal with all manner of pests quickly and efficiently. Here is a quick rundown of some common pests we deal with and the problems they can present if they are not dealt with.

Rats are one of the most persistent and noticeable pests in or around a household. Rats can leave many signs that they are in or near your property which can make living in your own home unpleasant such as droppings and making audible sounds as they move between walls and through roof spaces. If left untreated rats can reproduce alarmingly quickly which is why we recommend that you Contact us straight away if you suspect you may have a rat infestation.

Cockroaches are renowned for their survival skills which can make them difficult pests to deal with without assistance from professionals. Cockroaches carry many diseases and can potentially pass them on if left untreated in your home. Cockroach infestations can be identified by finding shed skins and droppings and can also cause a distinctive odour to appear on surfaces they have travelled over.

Wasps can be difficult and off putting to live with and cause painful stings which can be fatal to people who are allergic to them. Wasps can create nests in many areas of the average house where there is empty space such as wall cavities and attics. As there are many places they can create their nests this can make them hard to find without the help of a professional and unpredictable to deal with.

24 Hour Domestic Pest Control in Lancaster

If you are dealing with problems caused by pests in your home we are available to help 24 hours a day.
No matter what kind of pest is causing you problems Get in touch right away and we will advise of the best course of action.

All of the services we provide are carried out by experienced professionals with minimum disruption to your home and your routine. All of the pest control measures we use are as humane as possible and whenever you chose us to deal with your pest problem we will also advise you of best practices to prevent pests from returning again and causing problems in your home.